Resources for Community Sector Organisations

Tax information and accountancy

For information about tax and not-for-profits, visit the ATO’s page that explains these tax rules.

For help with accountancy and financial management, Pro Bono Australia has a program in which qualified CPA Australia members are able to volunteer their time and expertise to small not-for-profit organisations' (NFP's) treasurers needing guidance and support in their roles.

Partnerships with business

The Victorian Government released a Community Sector and Business Partnerships Tool Kit in 2012, which outlines the steps to successfully engage with business partners.

The area of Social Impact Bonds, or Social Benefit Bonds, is fast growing, and is influencing the way that organisations and governments conceive of SHS funding into the future, as discussed in this Guardian article. An early example occurred in June 2013, when The Benevolent Society, in partnership with Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank, launched a $10 million Social Benefit Bond to fund an intensive family support service for up to 400 families over five years. Crisis Investors, another organisation in the UK, also discusses social returns on investment.


The Bruner Foundation, an American organisation, has provided some tools for assessing evaluative thinking, which can help your organisation to assess the extent to which evaluative thinking is present in various organisational capacity areas such as strategic planning, governance, human resources, marketing and communications.

For a more critical assessment of the success of evaluation, the Stanford Social Innovation Review has an article on the problems of charities evaluating their own work.


The last article (page 3) in this publication by Intra Com Management (who publish the Australian Community Management magazine) on organisational structures that encourage client focused practice.

Another emerging area of development will involve the management of complaints and implementation of complaints/feedback mechanisms. The Illawarra Forum has published information on handling complaints, which, although dated, has some good basic information.

As an example, People With Disability Australia (PWD) has a brochure that sets a positive tone for receiving complaints and feedback.

To institute a formal management system, you can use free Consumer Complaint Management System software, such as at Capterra or Sourceforge.