Consultation Paper: Review of the HOST and HART models for addressing rough sleeping in inner-city Sydney

The Homelessness Outreach Support Team (HOST) and Homelessness Assertive Response Team (HART) have become key elements of the assertive outreach (AO) response to people sleeping rough in inner-city Sydney.  Some Specialist Homelessness Services (SHSs) are involved in this response while others have been impacted by its operations.  From May to July 2019, Homelessness NSW, the peak body for SHSs across NSW, consulted with SHSs in the inner-city Sydney area to elicit their views on the effectiveness and impacts of the HOST and HART models.  We also consulted with other services that assist people experiencing homelessness in inner-city Sydney – for example, agencies funded by NSW Health and a community housing provider.  This paper is the outcome of our consultation process and summarises the views of the services consulted.