Characteristics of good NFP governance

There are some very good pre-existing sites that give a range of organisational advice:

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) – is an umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in the UK. Their page on Advice and Support has useful information on many organisational aspects, especially structure, change and policy, which are applicable in Australia. Take a look at the categories in the menu that runs down the left hand side of the page.

The Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) has a page on their website with documents containing resources for organisations, especially on governance, strategy and risk.

The Fieldstone Alliance is an American organisation that has a page of free resources, that provide advice on engagement strategies with other NFPs, government, the community and other organisations.

The Young Foundation is a UK organisation that works extensively in innovation, and provides a library of interesting articles and podcasts.

Again in the UK, Homeless Link provides a page with resources to Future Proof Homelessness Services, including information and support on winning public sector contracts, social enterprise, and marketing and communications.