Access the register

DV NSW, Homelessness NSW and Yfoundations, have launched a register of vacant accommodation as part of our support for services during COVID-19.

The register aims to coordinate information from those who have vacant and suitable properties and who want to offer those properties to services who need them.

The register has been designed to align with the announced funding of $14.32m for emergency accommodation over the next 15 months. See more on the announcement here.

We have compiled information based on consultation with DCJ on how to access these funds, which you can download here

Click here to view the register

The register will be updated automatically as hoteliers enter information – so please check on a regular basis for new entries.

The 3 peaks will also be continuing to recruit more accommodation over the coming days and weeks, for your use.

Using the register:

The register has a number of functions (Filter, Group, and Sort) which enables you to sort the information as you need. You need to use the main view (linked above) to use these options.

We have also pre-prepared some filters for you so you can view the information based on where you are – via postcode or district. You can also view which hotels are accepting people who have tested positive for COVID.

Please note,  the heading ‘Guests Accepted’ was based on a question asking hotels whether they would accept the following:

  • Are a risk of, or experiencing homelessness
  • COVID 19 - tested positive and need to isolate
  • COVID 19 - undergoing screening and need to isolate
  • COIVD 19 - close contact and need to quarantine
  • None of the above

The heading ‘Clients accepted’ was based on a question asking hotels whether they would accept the following guests:

  • Women and children
  • Families
  • Single men
  • Single women
  • Young people (over 18)
  • Young people (under 18 - would be accompanied by an onsite case worker)
  • Older people
  • Couples

If you have concerns or questions please contact or call the team on 02 8354 7607.