Sydney Women's Homeless Alliance

The Sydney Women’s Homeless Alliance (SWHA) has been established to assist cross agency sector collaboration and improve a woman’s journey through a complex system. 

Through the Senior Officers Group convened by Department of Human Services – Community Services, the women’s services nominated to pilot a collaborative approach to assessing and mapping the system, and addressing problematic structural issues within the delivery of services, to create a better opportunity for positive outcomes for homeless women of Sydney.


The purpose of SWHA is:

  1. Map existing service system, and provide a gap analysis of current women’s homeless service system in the inner city;
  2. Analyse data to assess women’s progression through the service system – including pathways into services, exit points, referral points, recent trends, client demographics, turn- aways;
  3. Address systematic issues for clients navigating the service system;
  4. Coordinating services to operate with a streamlined approach to service delivery; and
  5. Improve the utilisation of resources invested into the women service system.


Membership of SWHA is open to agencies and organisations who are involved in service delivery to homeless women. All new members to be discussed by the Alliance based on relevance to our systems.