Consumer participation

Homelessness NSW is committed to ensuring the active participation of people who are or who have experienced homelessness in our policy and project work. 

Marginalised people such as people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness have a human right to participate in decision making process that directly impact upon them. The active involvement of those who are or have been homeless has also been shown to lead to the development of more effective public policy and service delivery in response to issues facing people experiencing homelessness, as well as assisting in the empowerment of participants. 

Homelessness NSW ensures the participation of those experiencing homelessness in our work in the following ways: 

  • Consumer representation on our Policy Council which determines policy and advocacy priorities; 
  • Consultations and other engagements with consumers in our policy and advocacy projects; and
  • Providing resources and information for those experiencing homelessness. 

In addition we also work with our members to ensure key provisions of the National Quality Framework (NQF) in relation to consumer participation are implemented by our members. These include  the requirement that all funded services through the SHS program must put into place a Client Charter (that contains specific rights and responsibilities) and a consumer complaints mechanism that meets appropriate quality standards

For more information please see our Consumer Participation Guide and a copy of the approved NQF approved framework for a Client Charter