Affordable Housing

There is growing recognition that there is a housing crisis in NSW and its implication for those experiencing homelessness.

According to the NSW Audit Office in 2015 there were over 55,000 applications for housing, representing 120,000 people on the wait list. In New South Wales, there are 247 areas and towns where social housing is available. In over 20 per cent of these areas, applicants can expect to wait more than ten years for social housing.

The current housing crisis has led to a situation where the only options for many people is crisis accommodation. Data recently released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has confirmed this, with services across Australia seeing 279,000 clients in 2015–16 (up from nearly 256,000 in 2014–15). There are simply not enough crisis accommodation spaces to meet the current demand for services.

Homelessness NSW is currently conducting a number of projects in response to the current housing and homelessness crisis in New South Wales. These include: