Addressing Aboriginal Homelessness Forum

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

In mid August 2017, The NSW Homelessness Industry Partnership (IP) hosted a two-day forum at Rydges Sydney Central to assist SHS staff to respond better to increasing numbers of Aboriginal people affected by homelessness. This forum marked the first steps of a large piece of work aimed at addressing Aboriginal homelessness. The forum was intended to begin outlining the details of this work. 

The forum aimed to:

  • be a platform for Aboriginal voices to identify priority issues for discussion
  • promote coordination of SHS and mainstream service responses to prevent Aboriginal people entering homelessness
  • identify opportunities to better support Aboriginal workers and workers with Aboriginal clients
  • showcase examples of culturally appropriate practice.
The following is a list of links to resources either referred to or generated at the forum:
  1. ​The Forum Program
  2. Chris Hartley's presentation on the research into Aboriginal homelessness
  3. Adell Hyslop's Aboriginal Cultural Competency Standards launch presentation
  4. The CHAP Assessment tool
  5. The FACS guide for social housing providers working with Aboriginal people and communities
  6. The summary of the Aboriginal Caucus discussion of key issues facing Aboriginal staff and services
  7. The full Forum Report collating all responses from participants
  8. The draft Addressing Aboriginal Homelessness Strategy 2017 - 2020 which resulted from the Forum