JWA Support Service

As part of the Sector Development Project, the Industry Partnership manages a Joint Working Arrangement/Joint Working Agreement (JWA) Support Service for service packages that are being delivered through JWAs.

The Industry Partnership has employed a consultant, Donna Bevan of Connect Consulting, to provide tailored organisational support to SHSs. The IP expects that the support could be brief and one-off, or involve multiple steps, and may cover: 

  • Joint Working Arrangements – contract changes as well as managing disputes and breaches
  • Assistance with take-overs, wind downs, and changes to organisational structures – including working with services in crisis who require immediate support
  • Opportunities to source financial advice, legal advice, strategic planning including advice related to service viability or issues or questions related to the future of service packages
  • Assisting Board members, management committees and/or staff with Fair Trading obligations
  • Identifying opportunities to partner with other organisations
  • In some cases, negotiating with DCJ

To take up organisational support, contact Donna and she will identify your organisational needs via a professional assessment, and provide advice ranging from information through to hands-on technical assistance or referral to an appropriate expert.

Donna can be contacted at mail@connectc.net.au.

You can find out more information about Donna's skills and experience by reading a brief capability statement from Connect Consulting 


If you have any questions about the JWA support available, please contact Lucia.