On this page you will find resources to support your organisation through the Australian Services Excellence Standards (ASES) accreditation and support your Continuous Quality Improvement journey.

SHS ASES Resource Kit Support Modules

Module 1: Orientation to ASES

Module 2: Planning ASES Implementation

Module 3: Internal Self-Assessment and Workplan

Module 4: Guide to Good Evidence

Module 5 a): External Assessment – Introduction and Selecting an External Assessor

Module 5 b): External Assessment – Planning and Undertaking an External Assessment (Site Visit)

Module 5 c): External Assessment – The ASES Assessment Report and Quality Action Plan

Module 6: Continuous Quality Improvement


Additional Resources:

What is BNG? A basic guide to using the Breaking New Ground Standards and Performance Pathways (BNG) portal for undertaking the ASES self assessment and general quality improvement at your organisation.

Expression of Interest (EOI) to start preparing for ASES accreditation Complete this form to help us better understand how we can offer support to you as you undertake the ASES accreditation process. 

Please note: a complete policy manual, which includes the ASES certificate level requirements and is tailored to homelessness services, will soon be available

Below are the contact details for the Industry Partnership Accreditation Support team. Your comments, feedback and questions are welcome.

Phone: (02) 8354 7620