Homelessness Shared Outcome Framework Project

Outcomes Presentation at 16 May SHS Network Meeting

Lena Etuk and Karen Wilcox from the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) updated the SHS sector on their work on the shared outcomes framework for the homelessness sector. 

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Outcomes resources and report on the homelessness sector shared outcome framework

In January 2017, the Homelessness Industry Partnership commissioned the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) to develop a shared outcome framework for the homelessness sector. The framework sets out outcomes with indicators that best demonstrate change in people’s lives as a result of receiving services from homelessness organisations.

We are delighted to now announce the availability of two outcomes resources that CSI has produced. These are accompanied by a report on how the prioritised homelessness outcomes indicators were arrived at:

  • Homelessness Indicator Data Dictionary sets out the 26 prioritised outcome indicators for the homelessness sector, with reference to collections of population data for these indicators that can be used for comparison with service or sector data. The indicators in the Dictionary are organised by domain (e.g. economic, health, home, etc), with information about each indicator set out in tables.


  • Guide for data collection sets out how services can go about the collection of data on outcome indicators, how to improve the accuracy and reliability of data collection, improve storage and management, and identify gaps.



We hope you find these resources valuable. Please contact the Industry Partnership if you have questions about them.


Please find some other relevant resources below:

  • a webinar hosted by CSI on the ‘Homelessness Shared Outcome Framework Project’, please see the following details to access the recording:

Shared Outcomes for the Homelessness Sector: Project Q&A -20171023 0302-1
Monday, October 23, 2017

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