High Needs Package Referrals – Now Open


40 High Needs packages are available across NSW for individuals aged 18 years plus who are being supported through the Together Home program. Packages are intended for individuals who require intensive support to maintain their housing. This may involve situations where:   

  • It becomes evident that a current Together Home support package is not meeting the needs of an individual, and further funding is required to purchase additional support.   

  • An individual has been accepted into the Together Home program and required additional support whilst waiting for an NDIS or HASI package   

Priority access will be given to:   

  • Individuals who identify as Aboriginal or/both Torres Strait Islander   

  • Individuals over 55 yrs.   

  • Individuals under 24yrs   

  • Females   

  • Individuals who identify as LQBTQIA+   

Homelessness NSW is managing the application process for high need support packages through the High Needs panel.  The panel includes representatives from DCJ, Health, NDIA, Aboriginal representatives and a person with lived experience. The role of panel members is the prioritisation and allocation of funding for high needs packages.   

It is essential that all individuals referred to the panel have provided informed consent and that a VI-SPDAT has been completed. Referrals will be accepted from district Client Referral Assessment Groups (CRAGS) or Community Housing Providers funded for the Together Home program   

The referral process is designed to capture all the key information that is required by the panel to assist decision making and should include:   

  • A copy of the Client engagement and nomination form used to refer the individual to the Together Home program   

  • Completed HNP referral form   

  • Completed HNP budget template     

  • Any other supporting documentation  

If you are a service who would like to make a referral for a high needs package, please click here to COMPLETE A REFERRAL to the High Needs Panel.  

Information on how to complete a referral to the High Needs Panel can be found at  the HIGH NEEDS PANEL FACT SHEET

Information on how to complete a High Needs Budget can be found at the BUDGET TEMPLATE FACTSHEET

If you require further information, or have any concerns, please contact  highneedspackage@homelessnessnsw.org.au 

Watch the Together Homes High Needs Panel Information Webinar and Q+A with speakers from DCJ, NDIS and more here. Click here for the presentation. 

Key dates 

The high needs panel will meet every month and will operate on a rolling basis. Dates for the first two rounds of applications are provided here: 


SEP 2020


High Needs Package Referrals Round 1 open
Closing date for referrals 18th September 202


OCT 2020


High Needs Panel First Meeting


OCT 2020


High Needs Package Referrals Round 2 open
Closing date for referrals 23rd October 2020


NOV 2020


High Needs Panel Second Meeting


NOV 2020

High Needs Package Referral Round 3 open

Closing date for referrals 27th November 2020


DEC 2020


High Needs Panel Third Meeting